GMI EDGE Liquidity Guideline

GMI Edge Liquidity Guidelines

Please see below the Key Trading Metrics guidelines, designed to ensure optimal trading performance and execution standards. GMI EDGE reserves the right to alter the guidelines below at its sole discretion without any prior notice should the market or liquidity changes require. The guidelines below also aimed at protecting the liquidity providers from “toxic flow”, which can be described as intentional manipulation of orders by the client aimed to profit not from the market opportunities, but from the liquidity providers’ execution procedures.

Key Trading Metries FX Majors FX Minors FX Exotice Gold Silver Oil Indices
Max Single Clip Size 5 million dollars 2.5 million dollars 500,000 dollars 2,000oz 50,000oz 1,000b 50pp
MT4 lot/per trade 50 25 5 20 10 1 5
Timebetween trades
10 seconds 20 seconds 30 seconds 30 seconds 30 seconds 30 seconds 20 seconds
Time Zone
Liquidity Issues
Max NOP 20 million dollars 12.5 million dollars 2 million dollars 10,000oz 250,000oz 25,000b 250pp
Mt4 lot/Open Position 200 125 20 100 50 20 25

*under market normal market conditions these rules are applicable

In cases when a money manager or IB is managing several trading accounts, the guidelines above apply to the pool of accounts (and not just to a single account) and reflect the “aggregated positions”. In order to achieve a better trading experience, please read the liquidity guide very carefully and understand the possibility of price discrepancy due to the lack of market liquidity. Moreover, during the opening and closing market hours, lack of trading activity and very low liquidity, may result in widened market spreads. Please be very mindful of the above to avoid trading during this time.

By accepting the terms above, IBs and clients hereby fully understand and agree to adhere to the policy above and accept any financial outcome should such trades violate the policy, including but not limited to possible refusal of IB commissions and reversal of trades as long as any “toxic trading” in malicious style is suspected.

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