leverage 1:200

more than 50 currency pairs

extremely tight spread

zero fees on transactions

9 Reasons to be a GMI Edge MAM

  • Excellent executive ability
  • Sub-accounts are easy to operate and are flexible
  • Profit division models:a. Equity, b. Lots
  • MAM and the proprietary GMI Edge bridge are 100% compatible
  • Perfect integration with the MT4 platform
  • Abundant liquidity
  • High-speed trading execution
  • Multi-function support; (EA automation software;technical analysis software)
  • Multiple operating interfaces(Computer, Smart Phone)

You can complete orders for all accounts in a timely and synchronized manner. All orders are executed at the same time/same price, and all accounts have the same ROI. Each MAM account can support up to 100 sub accounts.

Under the new MAM system, the operation of the transaction time and trading strategy is consistent and continuous across all sub accounts. The sub accounts can make deposits and withdrawals independently without affecting the master account state.

GMI Edge MAM and GMI Edge Bridge are software technologies developed by the GMI Edge technical team, with 100% compatibility. In the unlikely occurrence of a problem, GMI Edge can instantly adjust all the parameters of MAM and link bridges to allow you to continue to perform transactions on a secure and stable platform.

Simple 7 steps to start using GMI Edge MAM


Contact our professional account manager


Sign a Money Manager form


Establish GMI Edge money manager account number


Provide account number to clients and invites as follower (minimum 200 USD at least 2 accounts)


Sign a LPOA with your clients


Contact the customer service to establish attachment


Start Trading!

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