Information Disclosure Statement


Non-public personal information collectible for GMI Edge:

  • Information provided by Clients when opening accounts or making transactions including but not limited to Clients’ names, addresses, assets, bank information, previous trading experience, etc.;
  • Information used to verify the identity of Clients, including but not limited to their passports, driving licenses, credit reports and other copies of identity materials issued by the government, etc.;
  • Information produced during trading between Clients and GMI Edge (or related party of GMI Edge) including but not limited to payment statements and income statements, etc.;
  • Information produced during Clients’ visit to and using of the GMI Edge website and all the online platforms of GMI Edge including but not limited to the account trading statements, etc.
Information disclosed by GMI Edge and the objects of such disclosure

GMI Edge will not disclose the non-public personal information of our current or former Clients unless such disclosure is permitted by the relevant law. For instance, GMI Edge can provide information to any unrelated third party (including but not limited to the consumer reporting agency which issues Clients’ credit reports) under the permission of law during the process of providing financial services for Clients. Moreover, GMI Edge may provide such information to the government and supervision authority under the permission of law and provide information in compliance with the court summons, court orders, summons for interrogation or other legal procedures, auditing or investigation, etc. We may disclose Clients’ non-public personal information authorized by Clients as well.

Confidentiality and information safety procedures

Clients’ information is visited only when it is necessary to obtain the information to complete the related trading. GMI Edge with its staff and the related parties of GMI Edge shall strictly abide by the safety procedures to keep Clients’ information confidential. For our former Clients, GMI Edge will protect their non-public personal information according to the same procedures when they were still Clients. Different from the current Clients, however, former Clients will not receive any annual privacy notice. As long as Clients maintain their accounts in GMI Edge, GMI Edge will provide a privacy policy notice every year. And GMI Edge reserves the right to amend such policy whenever necessary.

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